Detroit Red Wings: Jack Eichel is not going to be part of the Yzerplan

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The Detroit Red Wings have transitioned their focus to the offseason, and one of the hot commodities this offseason is a Buffalo Sabres star. Jack Eichel has been at the forefront of some rumors about his future with the Sabres organization.

It sure seems that Eichel and the organization are out of touch and have a bit of a disconnect going on. That being said, the trade rumors have been buzzing around in the media. The Detroit Red Wings could pull a surprise at any time.

The “BREAKING NEWS” alert about Steve Yzerman making a drastic change to the Yzerplan could come at any moment. But, there are a few road bumps in the plan for it goes anywhere. The Sabres are figuring out which direction they want to move in, but non-committal answers from Eichel make it seem like he is on the way out.

The bigger question needing to be asked is where will he be traded? Detroit is not going to be on the top of that list, and if Eichel is a part of the Yzerplan, I would be shocked. Eichel is going to want to win and win now. The Red Wings are not winning in the immediate future, and that is pretty clear.

The Detroit Red Wings are going to steer clear of trading for Jack Eichel.

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Besides Eichel being better suited for a team like Boston, who is rumored to be interested in the former Boston University forward, the Red Wings should not be in the market for him.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to making a run for Eichel.

The cost on Eichel will be quite high, and I personally do not think Yzerman will want to part ways with draft capital or top-rated prospects.

Yzerman has done a great job working to build draft capital and bringing in good prospects. Jeopardizing this for Eichel seems like it might not be in the best interest.

While yeah, a 24-year old former second overall draft choice joining the Red Wings sounds like a great idea, the likelihood he would come here and be happy is what seems like the tough part.

Look at Patrik Laine in Columbus after being traded. He is still a good player but finds himself on the bench late in games after he and the coaching staff butt heads.  It just seems like Eichel coming to Detroit might not be best for the organization.

Mostly because of what the Red Wings would be giving up and the uncertainty of his true fit, it seems like steering clear is best. Ultimately, Yzerman and the front office have the final say, but I would be surprised to see Eichel join the Yzerplan before the 2021-22 season begins.

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Expect Yzerman to work some magic for this Detroit Red Wings team; just do not expect it to be Jack Eichel.