Detroit Lions: PETA makes light of Dan Campbell’s recent comments

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The Detroit Lions have a new head coach, one who has said some pretty interesting things early on in his tenure. The first-time head coach, Dan Campbell, has garnered some more media interest after some recent comments.

In an interview with Barstool’s “Pardon My Take” podcast, the Detroit Lions coach talked about wanting to have a pet lion at the team’s facility. He made it very clear that he was hoping that the Lions could seriously adopt a pet lion.

He envisioned being able to walk around team facilities with the lion and even went as far as to say he would sacrifice one of his arms in exchange for a Super Bowl victory. Once again, Campbell’s controversial comments have caught some attention.

This time it was PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who was not a fan of Campbell’s comments. While they did end up getting it was a joke, Campbell being the way he is, seemed just a bit serious about his claims.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell caught the attention of PETA after his recent comments.

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PETA made light of the situation by raising more awareness about the poor conditions and dangers of lions being held in captivity.

Campbell is also receiving a gift in the mail from PETA as well. One that may not be as menacing as a real lion, but could serve the same purpose.

According to a The Detroit News article, they opted to send Campbell a plush lion nicknamed “Dan Detroit” with a congratulatory letter.

While this may not be related to football in the slightest, it is nice to see Campbell continuing to bring this attitude day in and day out.

The Lions have not turned a corner and are still piecing things together, and Campbell has a lot to work through with his new staff and regime, but he certainly has done a good job making himself known in the media.

I thought this was hilarious, the interview was A-plus content as usual, and it was good to see PETA make light of the situation and do what they did. Campbell’s new start with the Lions is going to be exciting, the on-field product may take a little bit to come around, but it is exciting nonetheless.

As the season gets closer, I would expect plenty more media coverage on Campbell; after all, he talked about biting opponents kneecaps off in his introductory presser. If fans hear of Campbell being on a radio or television show, podcast, or any media interview, they should tune in; the content is worth it.

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It seems like the Detroit Lions made a great choice this offseason with Dan Campbell, even if he wants to feed his arm to a lion and bite off the opponents’ kneecaps.