Detroit Tigers: Going off-script at third overall with Henry Davis

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The Detroit Tigers have the third overall pick in the 2021 MLB draft. The consensus is that the top three picks are already in place; the order is just unknown. But in reality, there are many names who fit that top of the draft profile; Henry Davis is one of them.

I recently wrote that the Detroit Tigers could very well catch ahold of Jack Leiter with the third overall pick if the Pittsburgh Pirates and Texas Rangers take the two prep shortstops. But to play devil’s advocate with myself, Leiter being gone before three leaves options.

The person that could “shock” some and sneak up to the top three is Louisville catcher Henry Davis. While reading that last sentence, you might have noticed that Davis is a catcher, something the Tigers addressed early in last year’s draft.

The organization selected Ohio State University catcher Dillon Dingler to kick things off on day two of the 2020 draft. But going off-script or “off the board” selecting Davis at third overall might not be all that bad of a decision if the Tigers feel the talent is the best available.

The Detroit Tigers could go off-script and select catcher Henry Davis at third overall.

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While yeah, taking another catcher may not be the best move, but Davis has surged up the prospects rankings. Davis is talented, that is for sure, so him sneaking up to third is a real possibility.

Those are on the Jake Rogers train; get a grip, he’s not going to pan out. Those on the Dingler train, relax, I think he is a player who could move positions.

Dingler did play centerfield for Ohio State, he is a true athlete, so do not worry about drafting a collegiate catcher after taking Dingler in 2020.

Moving on, Davis is going to be able to be on a quicker route to the big leagues, given his skill set.

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound catcher has been with Louisville for the last three seasons. He hits from the right side and has some upside behind the dish.

According to MLB dot com’s write-up, Davis projects as a 60-grade prospect with a 70-grade arm. His receiving abilities could be worked on, but the throwing ability is there already. Davis is the second Louisville arm to recently come out of the program, with Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith being selected in the first round of the 2016 MLB Draft.

In 2021, Davis has logged 49 games played with the Cardinals, where he has slashed .367/.484/.655 with 14 home runs and 46 RBI. Davis is going to be a catcher who can contribute to the middle of the lineup with some pop at the big-league level.

The Tigers are going to be doing their due diligence with the top grouping of players. The consensus on who is going one, two, and three may already be “in.” But the Tigers could still pull a fast one and go off-script.

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Before this summer’s draft, the Detroit Tigers need to do their due diligence on players like Henry Davis.