Detroit Pistons Free Agency: Who to walk away from and who to re-sign

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Detroit Pistons, Frank Jackson
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The Detroit Pistons will likely retain a couple of restricted free agent guards but not all three.

First, a player that won me over in a big way down the stretch.  The Detroit Pistons need to re-sign restricted free agent Frank Jackson.

Jackson burst onto the scene when he got his opportunity, mostly due to an injury-stricken roster.  At one point during the season, the Pistons were without Rose, Wright, Hayes, Smith Jr., leaving players like Jackson and Lee to man the point.

Overall, Jackson averaged 9.8 points and 2.2 boards per game while playing just a touch over 18-minutes per game over a 40-game stretch.

Jackson’s play surged down the stretch for Detroit, where he scored 18, 19, and 20 points during a three-game stretch and again when his number was called due to injuries provided the organization with yet another 20, 25, and 19 point games in a row.

The Pistons chose to sit Jackson for the final three games of the season in hopes of maintaining their best draft lottery odds.  Behind Diallo, I suspect Jackson will be Detroit’s most intriguing pending free agent.

I fully expect that Weaver will come to terms with the 23-year old Jackson on a new deal.  Jackson looks to be a perfect complimentary bench player on this roster moving forward.  Jackson provided Detroit with a boost this past season and should be valuable playing behind Hayes in the future.