Detroit Tigers: Harold Castro playing the utility role perfectly

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The Detroit Tigers have a perfect utility player in Harold Castro, who is fitting mold incredibly well. The left-handed hitter has been hitting exceptionally well at the plate. Castro has been given the utility role job and flourished.

Nicknamed “Hittin’ Harold,” he has been able to perform really well at the plate for the Detroit Tigers. Castro may not be playing every day or even in a consistent spot, but even being tossed around the field, he has adjusted well.

He has been a plus defender in different positions, getting the job done wherever the Tigers drop him into the lineup. The 27-year-old utility player has logged games all across the field so far. He has played all over the infield and in the outfield as well.

He has the most starts at second base and shortstop but has made starts everywhere except catcher. Shockingly enough, Castro has even logged an inning on the mound. Jokes aside, Castro’s performance has been a pleasant surprise for the Tigers.

Detroit Tigers utility player Harold Castro has fit the role perfectly in 2021.

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So far in 2021, Castro has played in a total of 32 games, where he has 94 at-bats. Over these 32 games, Castro has slashed .319/.366/.330 with 11 RBI on the season.

He may not have extra-base hits cluttering his stats, but he has done a good job just getting on base nonetheless.

Castro’s slash line is pretty nice, and he has done a good job getting on base when he is playing. It’s nice to see Castro doing such a good job in the utility role.

Last season, Castro only played in 22 of the 60 games where he had just 49 at-bats. In that sample size, Castro slashed .347/.409/.429, which is also pretty impressive.

Similar to 2021, Castro did not have many extra-base hits, but that was okay. Carrying that success over to 2021 is great for the plug-and-play fielder.

No one is going to complain to see Castro find this type of success. The only thing fans should be hoping for is that Castro can get better at driving the baseball. If he can mix in more extra-base knocks, he will be able to get that slugging percentage higher and collect some more RBI.

It may be asking a lot, but come on now, adding in a utility player who also drives the ball well, that would be perfect. The left-handed hitter might even earn a more concrete role if he does get better at driving the ball.

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With all of that room in the right-center gap at Comerica Park, one would think that Castro should be working on his approach to driving balls into the gap and leg out doubles and triples. Time will tell, but Castro is off to a phenomenal start.