Detroit Tigers first multi-year contract since 2015 performing quite well

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The Detroit Tigers signed outfielder Robbie Grossman to a multi-year contract before the 2021 season. This was the team’s first multi-year contract in quite some time, and it has proven to work wonders.

Grossman signed a two-year, $10 million contract with the Tigers, where he was reunited with his former manager, A.J. Hinch. The outfielder is a switch-hitter and has proven to be a solid addition to the team so far.

For $5 million and being the first multi-year contract, the Tigers seem to have spent their money wisely. Grossman may not be tearing the cover off the baseball, but he is patient at the plate and is finding his way on base quite often.

The on-base machine has also shown the power threat that he had been working on during his recent stint with the Oakland Athletics. Grossman is someone the Tigers could flip to a team needing outfield depth that is willing to take on the contract; or the more likely option of keeping him as a solid outfielder for the organization.

Detroit Tigers outfielder Robbie Grossman has been exceptional in 2021.

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When the team signed Grossman, it was noted that he could very well emerge as an everyday starter, and he has done that.

The fact that he has been an everyday starter and found success should be an exciting thing for Tigers fans.

So far, through 60 games in 2021, Grossman has slashed .240/.352/.416 with eight home runs and 31 RBI in a Tigers uniform.

His average may not be super exciting, but it is not bad, and the key thing to note is the on-base percentage and the fact that Grossman finds himself on base as much as he does.

Being as solid as he is in the box is great for the Tigers, who were in need of a bat like Grossman’s. If the Tigers were going to give a multi-year contract to a free agent, this surely was not a poor choice by the organization at all.

It was noted when he was signed that Grossman had refined his approach, looking for more of an uppercut and power-type swing. His eight home runs in 2021 tie his 2020 total and are just three shy of his career record of 11 in 2016 with the Minnesota Twins.

The Tigers may not be expecting some all-star type of season from Grossman, but he has been performing at an excellent pace given his career numbers. The Tigers made a great choice by offering him a multi-year contract.

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Hopefully, Grossman keeps pace and continues to perform as exceptionally as he has throughout the rest of 2021.