Detroit Tigers Mock Draft of first 4 selections in 2021 MLB Draft

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The Detroit Tigers have the third overall pick in the 2021 MLB Draft. Following that, they will have four picks in the first 105 selections. That takes the draft just into the fourth round due to the compensation rounds and competitive balance rounds.

It is pretty well known that the Detroit Tigers will be adding another top talent with the third overall pick. The bigger question is: who? There has been plenty of theories on who will go early on in the draft.

With two prep shortstops at the top of the list, two Vanderbilt arms, a Louisville catcher, and a prep pitcher, there is a lot of speculation to be done. There are a couple of players the Tigers would be smart to select; the best scenario is the one where the team drafts Leiter.

In all honesty, prep shortstop Marcelo Mayer might be too good to pass up for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which would put the Texas Rangers on the clock at second overall. However, if the Rangers pass up Jordan Lawlar, I would be shocked. The Texas native is incredibly likely to go then, leaving the VandyBoys on the board.

This Detroit Tigers mock draft assumes this is the scenario and Al Avila gets himself a VandyBoy.

For this mock draft, I will go through and make picks through the first four rounds of the draft. After that, it will be five total rounds since the Tigers have the Competitive Balance Round A draft choice. The Tigers have seen General Manager (GM) Al Avila piece together some great draft classes.

The hope is that he can do it again in 2021 and continue to help the ongoing rebuild. Since these picks are based on my subjective opinions based on player rankings and who is slated/likely to be on the board, I will say I prefer collegiate-level talent.

It is not to say that the Tigers should steer clear of high-school talent, as I have them taking two in this cluster of five picks… I just prefer to see a heavier presence of collegiate guys.

That being said, let’s dive into the Detroit Tigers mock draft.