Detroit Tigers: Matthew Boyd’s trade value plummets amid injury news

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The Detroit Tigers are currently 29-40 and in the bottom of the American League (AL) Central division. With the trade deadline coming in, the Tigers should be looking to be active suitors on the market once again.

Some recent news from the Detroit Tigers organization suggests a big blow to the team’s trade capital. Starting pitcher Matthew Boyd has suffered an injury in his arm, causing some inflammation and tendonitis issues.

MLive reported that Boyd will be missing at least a month with the issues. Meaning that he will likely be off the trade market. At a minimum, his trade value has officially plummeted even lower. It must be a curse for the Tigers to be able to trade a player and execute the trade on the good offer.

While Tigers General Manager (GM) Al Avila has openly said that he does not feel a pressing need to move players at the trade deadline, he would be stupid not to. Moving some players to add more into the farm system is dumb. With Boyd’s injury, it just becomes even tougher.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd’s trade stock has plummeted following his injury news.

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It sucks that this news about Boyd has emerged; he was off to a good start and may have garnered some good offers. The southpaw has made 13 starts in 2021 so far, where he has totaled 70.2 innings pitched.

He has pitched himself to a 3.44 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP while punching out 56 opposing hitters. After some adjustments, Boyd has looked good in 2021. Figuring some things out and being a dominant (to an extent) pitcher on the mound.

The Tigers may not have been able to net some top three organization prospect in return for Boyd, but adding in some fringe guys who could amount to something might not have been all that bad.

I like to think that the more, the merrier when it comes to adding prospects to a farm system.

So, in this case, adding in more prospects in exchange for Boyd should be viewed as a win. While the return on this trade would not be a for-sure win, they could all be busts; having more guys to throw in the mix as the team keeps rolling through the rebuild seems like the best plan of attack.

The 30-year-old starting pitcher is not going to be the ace of this staff for years to come. Filling in the rotation with guys who will be 33 and 34 when Boyd is will be easy. There is no real reason to be adamant about keeping him around.

If this injury means he sticks around, so be it. Boyd has not been bad and is an arm the Tigers can toss out there, knowing he will be competitive. But adding in extra prospects who will hopefully pan out better on the rebuild timeline should always be viewed as a win.

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Nonetheless, the recent injury news about Boyd is a real blow to his trade value and the Detroit Tigers trade assets.