Detroit Tigers: Wilson Ramos latest veteran on the DFA train

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The Detroit Tigers are entering a time where these younger players are going to start poking through to the big leagues. When they do, it means that the veterans clogging their positions are going to have to be done away with.

This has been seen already with guys like JaCoby Jones, who have been designated for assignment in lieu of giving guys like Daz Cameron and Derek Hill chances. The latest on the wave of DFA’s that is starting to mount for the Tigers is catcher Wilson Ramos.

After a lingering back injury has put a wrench into Ramos’s 2021 season, the team opted to go their separate ways from Ramos. He will now be put onto irrevocable waivers where any other team can claim him.

After that, Ramos will be outrighted to Toledo, where he can refuse demotion and choose to become a free agent. Once again, it is the more likely of options for “The Buffalo” who can still be of use to a team needing catching depth. Whereas the Tigers are letting it ride with the young crowd.

The Detroit Tigers DFA train keeps going and claims Wilson Ramos as the latest victim.

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In 2021, Ramos had logged 35 games amid the two lingering injuries that have put a damper on things. In his 120 at-bats, he was slashing .200/.238/.392 with six home runs and 13 RBI as the Tigers backstop.

He came out of the gates in 2021 looking like he was going to shatter MLB records for home runs, granted one week of a 162-game season means next to nothing. But it was nice to see the Tigers have a catcher performing as well as Ramos was.

Ramos is 33 years old and is better served playing a depth role for a competitive team.

After he clears waivers and is outrighted, expect him to elect free agency and find a new home for the rest of the 2021 season.

But things have changed, and the team is going to be rocking with the combination of Eric Haase and Jake Rogers for the time being. Haase has become a version of a hometown hero, and Rogers is trying to fend off any thoughts of disposing of him.

On the other hand, the DFA train continues; the question is who could be the next player on the hot seat. Nomar Mazara seems to be the name here. Mazara was signed with the hopes he might thrive in Detroit under no pressure; instead, he has struggled all around.

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I would expect Mazara to be next on the veteran DFA train after Ramos was the recent player who was done away with.