Detroit Tigers: 3 players to watch for in the 2021 MLB Draft

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Detroit Tigers
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As the Detroit Tigers continue to prepare for the upcoming 2021 MLB Draft, they will start compiling scouting reports on all of the players they are going to target. There are a plethora of picks to be made, and without pick trading being allowed, there is a general consensus as to who will be available each time they are on the clock.

However, draft rankings are not perfect; someone ranked 200 could easily climb the rankings and be the 70th pick in the draft. Some teams are high on players or may have some information that other teams do not have on a guy or whatnot. Rankings are rankings, simple as that.

So as the Detroit Tigers continue to prep for the draft, they need to do their due diligence on a ton of players. There are players that are lower in the rankings who still profile out as very projectable and would be great additions to the organization.

The Tigers are at a point in the rebuild where they are going to be adding in those depth guys. What I mean is, these prospects are going to bring depth to keep the farm system stacked. Having more players who are working their way towards the big leagues makes it even easier for the organization in the future.

Drafting the right guys with those middle-round picks becomes even more important; finding those diamonds in the rough that can pan out and end up being mainstays in the Tigers lineup is key.

That being said…

Here are three players that the Detroit Tigers should have on their radar in the 2021 MLB Draft.