Detroit Red Wings: Mathias Bromé struggles bring make-or-break season

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The Detroit Red Wings signed Swedish forward Mathias Bromé in 2020-21 to join the team. The 26-year old forward is a restricted free agent who is eligible for arbitration.

It seems like Detroit Red Wings General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman would be foolish not to bring him back. While he may have struggled greatly in 2020-21, he can fill out the bottom-six as a depth player who is cheap and at least has possible upside.

As a fan, wouldn’t you like to see Bromé, who could at least possibly start showing sides of the player he *might* be? Or would you rather see Darren Helm out there grinding it out, knowing he will not do much more than be a useless bottom-six forward?

The answer seems pretty simple, Bromé trying to find his way seems like it might be better than Helm as a struggling veteran. While Bromé has not been great, he should be getting better and be able to show some sort of improvements in 2021-22. Now, he has a make-or-break season ahead of him.

Detroit Red Wings forward Mathias Bromé has a make-or-break season ahead of him.

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When the Red Wings signed Bromé, it seemed like he would be an asset to the team’s offense. He is a forward who can make things happen as a playmaker and create scoring chances in front of the net.

It seemed like Bromé was someone who could be a problem in front of the net and be able to be a disruption. But he also has the ability to move the puck and make good passes in the defensive zone.

However, at the NHL level, those abilities have been scarce. He has struggled to make the leap from the SHL over to the NHL and join the Red Wings lineup.

In the shortened 2020-21 season, Bromé played in 26 games where he had only one goal and one assist for two total points.

As of now, Bromé is slated to play for the HC Davos of the Swiss league in 2021-22, according to EliteProspects. But if Yzerman can work out a cheap deal for Bromé, he may be slotted in as a bottom-six guy for the upcoming season.

If he chooses to return, he will be in a spot where he has to show improvements to stick around any longer than next year. Change has to happen, and if Bromé does not change or get better, he will be heading back overseas.

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As mentioned above, he is slated to play for HC Davos, so there is also a chance he forgoes any offers made by the Red Wings and chooses to head back overseas.