Detroit Red Wings: 3 players to target in free agency this summer

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Detroit Red Wings
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The Detroit Red Wings may be focused on the upcoming draft, which is important, but free agency is going to be crucial for this team. The team needs to bring in a few more good signings to round out the roster and leave some room for the younger players to poke through.

With General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman at the helm of this organization, there’s a lot to like about how this offseason will go. If fans know one thing, it is to trust the Yzerplan. The Detroit Red Wings are moving in the right direction, even if it is a slow turtle crawl.

Though, things are looking up. The organization is being replenished with prospects and has started showing glimpses of an exciting future. But to get there, the team is going to need some bridge guys to do the job.

While the Red Wings turnaround may not be around the corner as in next year, there are players the team should be looking at to add to this roster. There are players who fit the mold and are good additions to the rebuild. Now the ball is in Yzerman’s court to make the right choices.

The Detroit Red Wings have options; filling out areas or making upgrades could be in the cards this year in free agency.

One of the big things the Red Wings do is going to be addressing the goalie situation, which could be handled in-house but also could be something the team chooses to search for on the free-agent market. The third and final suggestion is a goalie who would be a longer-term suggestion for the Red Wings.

Personally, I like a few of the options the organization has in-house, but going and getting a real dude on the free-agent market is a good idea. But overall, there are some areas that can be filled out, and the team certainly has the cap room to do so.

Here are three players the Detroit Red Wings should be targeting this summer in free agency.