Detroit Tigers: High-school pitcher Jackson Jobe is an excellent prospect

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The Detroit Tigers used their first pick in the 2021 MLB Draft on a high-school arm. With the third overall pick in the draft, the organization chose Jackson Jobe from Heritage Hall high school in Oklahoma.

While many of the Detroit Tigers faithful may not be sold on Jobe, there is still a lot to like from the right-handed pitcher. Early on, there is a lot to process; leaving Marcelo Mayer on the board might leave some sour taste in the mouths of some.

However, fans should be embracing it. Whether it was the right pick or not, Jobe will still be a great prospect. The high-school arm will join a pitching staff that is likely going to be looking for an infusion of pitching prospects.

The team certainly started out the draft on the right foot to do that by selecting Jobe. Not to mention he will likely be able to be signed under his slot value which saves money for the rest of the draft.

The Detroit Tigers got a good prospect with right-handed pitcher Jackson Jobe.

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He has a three-pitch mix with a disgusting slider that he can really spin. The slider is devastating and gets spin rates up into the 3,000 RPM range.

It’s a slider that has wipeout movement to it. According to MLB dot com’s report, his fastball is quick and gets on hitters, working up to 96 mph.

The fastball location is plus and has plenty of life to it. Besides the fastball and slider combo, Jobe has shown a good feel for the changeup as well. It has good fade to it, and he can use it for whiffs. There’s a lot to like with his stuff, and it should only get better as he keeps developing.

With his repeatable delivery that is clean and smooth, the future upside for Jobe is high and will remain high. Not to get too high on a prospect early on, but I think that Jobe could be a top-flight prospect.

Detroit Jock City Co-Site Expert Bob Heyrman is sold on Jobe, given that he has the makeup to possibly be the closest thing to a second-coming of Justin Verlander. That’s all you had to say to sell Heyrman and likely many other Tigers fans.

Detroit Tigers: Jackson Jobe could sneak up into the top three picks. light. Must Read

The Tigers got a great player in Jobe, it’s a long road to the big leagues, but he looks like he can develop into something special. There is a lot of future projection here, someone to keep an eye on and follow on his road to the big leagues in coming years.