Detroit Tigers: 3 home run picks of the 2021 MLB Draft class

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In the aftermath of the Detroit Tigers 2021 MLB Draft, plenty of analyses and thoughts are flying around. Time will be the true indicator of which of these players are going to be great and which are busts.

Some of these will be traded from the Detroit Tigers, some will be cut, and some may not even sign. However, there are a couple of picks that the Tigers got right and brought in some real stellar options.

For this piece, Jackson Jobe is not being included; the goal is to highlight three picks that may not be covered as much as the others. These are three players who are not in the first 30 picks and are players that the Tigers faithful should be really excited about.

The late-day two and day three picks are not always the Gerrit Cole’s and Joe Mauer’s of the world. But teams can luck into these later picks as diamonds in the rough; it definitely happens. So keep that in mind when looking at these three players whom the Tigers may have found something with.

While the fanbase may still be at Comerica Park, ready to have Al Avila fired for his choice with the third overall pick, there’s plenty of positives to this year’s draft class. Some of the players the team added may very well wind up being quality big leaguers or trade bait in negotiations over the coming years.

The Tigers are moving towards an era of competition, and they will have to make deals, flip players, and work the market to put the best team on the field. Having a farm system chock-full of prospects only helps them accomplish this.

Take a look at three Detroit Tigers draft picks that were “home runs.”