Detroit Red Wings: Michael Rasmussen is still an integral part of the core

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The Detroit Red Wings continue to move forward and head towards their future as the team’s rebuild trudges on. The team has announced that Michael Rasmussen has agreed to a three-year contract extension with the organization.

While the Detroit Red Wings are still far from the end of the rebuild, things are changing fast. Rasmussen signing his three-year extension is crucial as he is still an important part of this team’s rebuild.

Back in 2017, the Red Wings selected Rasmussen with the ninth overall draft choice in the NHL Entry Draft, and since then, he has kind of sputtered and fumbled around on his way to the NHL. He has appeared in two NHL seasons, 2018-19 and 2020-21, where things have not quite been what the organization expected.

Rasmussen, a draft choice of the Ken Holland era, still is an important part of this team’s rebuild, even if it may not seem like it. The Rasmussen deal carries a $1.46 million cap hit over three seasons before he becomes a restricted free agent once again at the end of his contract.

Michael Rasmussen is still an integral piece of the Detroit Red Wings rebuild.

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The rebuild continues, and Rasmussen still is going to be important to the team as they fill out the roster.

While his upside may not be as high as it was, he can still be a truly impactful forward who serves a specific role for the organization.

This past season amid a pandemic, Rasmussen would log 40 games for the Red Wings, where he had just three goals and nine assists for 12 total points. Before the season started, it seemed like Rasmussen was going to be poised for a real breakout in 2020-21.

He posted five goals and 11 assists for 16 points over 18 games with the Graz99ers of the ICEHL. Rasmussen’s role with the Red Wings is likely to be different from anticipated, but he can still play a vital role as a middle-six forward.

The center is 6-foot-6 and weighs in at 229 pounds; he’s starting to fill out into his frame more and possess some more strength. While Rasmussen needed to bulk up, his role likely seems to be that of a camp in front forward who is able to be disruptive.

It may not be the role you love the centerman playing, but he can also play left-wing, and maybe that is more fitting for him in his future with the Red Wings. Being a big body in front of the net, Rasmussen is able to cause trouble and create trouble in the traffic.

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If he can become the net-front presence he projects that he could be, the Red Wings might have themselves a great piece for the rebuild. The extension of Rasmussen shows faith in him and the Red Wings valuing him as a future piece of this team’s rebuild.