Detroit Tigers: 3 players to explore trade deadline deals with

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Detroit Tigers, Al Avila
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The Detroit Tigers are approaching the trade deadline. Who knows what the organization is going to do. There have been rumors that the Tigers are not going to be active sellers and instead or going to stand pat at the deadline.

This still seems like a less than ideal decision. The Detroit Tigers could add more prospects and dump some players who likely will not even be here beyond the rebuild.  The Tigers are not competing, so they certainly are not going to be adding to the roster, but they could add to the farm system.

If the Tigers were smart, they would be shipping off pieces that are not considered to be part of the long-term. There are players the team can part ways with that are not integral to the post-rebuild look of this team.

However, it’s understandable why the Tigers are cautious about moving players. The team is playing quality baseball and looking more like a competent baseball team than they have in quite some time.

Pieces are falling into place, A.J. Hinch is managing this team exceptionally well. The players are bought in, and the group is operating quite well. To keep things going smoothly, moving pieces like Robbie Grossman or Jonathan Schoop might be out of the question.

Some players being moved is just hard to pass up. But, overall, the Tigers should be selling off any of the pieces that are not viewed as integral to this team’s core or to the rebuild. While not all of these players will be tradeable, anyone that receives interest should be moved.

The trade deadline is quickly approaching, and if the Detroit Tigers want to maximize on things, there are a few players that the team should be actively shopping.