Detroit Tigers: 3 players to explore trade deadline deals with

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Detroit Tigers, Jonathan Schoop
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Infielder Jonathan Schoop

While this is one of the fringe players for trade deadline rumors, infielder Jonathan Schoop is someone the Detroit Tigers should be shopping. There’s a distinct chance that Schoop is staying put.

He’s been a good glue for this team which has surprised many. However, the way Schoop is playing, there’s no reason not to at least gauge the offers on him. In 2021, Schoop has logged 91 games this season where he’s slashed .285/.327/.475 with 17 home runs and 58 RBI on the season.

The power boost has been great; he’s on pace to slug more than 20 home runs which might sound crazy to some Tigers fans. He’s also added versatility to his game, playing first base as well in 2021. He’s logged games at first and second base.

Schoop could add some pop and versatility to a team that needs depth in a postseason run. He’s a proven middle infielder and has also added first base to his resume. There are bound to be teams that call up Al Avila to see what the cost would be.

If Schoop is going to be moved, the Tigers should be able to add some more depth to the farm system. There are plenty of depth addition caliber players across the league; the question will be if Avila bites on a trade offer.

Personally, keeping Schoop around for the rest of the season seems like the more likely move, which seems to be the case for anyone, but Schoop is one of the players who has been performing well and deserves to be shopped, hoping a team will bite and overpay.