Michigan Hockey: A historic draft night for four Wolverines players

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The 2021 NHL Entry Draft has come and gone, but not without making history for the Michigan Hockey program. The Michigan Wolverines made draft history after three current players, and one incoming commit were selected in the top five draft choices.

Coming into the draft, it seemed like the Wolverines were going to see defenseman Owen Power get selected with the first overall pick in the draft. Little did they know that it would wind up being an enormous night for the Michigan Hockey program.

The first five picks of the draft went by quickly, and saw the Wolverines see some familiar faces get selected. It was three current players who were all slated to be first-rounders, but it was a shock to see all of them sneak into the top five.

A big night for the program is for sure; Michigan Hockey is showing why it is a powerhouse in the college hockey scene. Things may not have ended in their favor due to some COVID-protocol issues that sent them home early, but they had an incredibly talented team.

It was known that the third Hughes brother, Luke, was going to be selected; it was not known when. The shock is not that all of these Wolverines players were being taken; it was moreover a shock that all of them climbed up the rankings as much as they did.

Michigan Hockey had a historic night on day one of the draft.

That being said, let’s take a look at the Wolverines players who were drafted in the top five on draft night.