Detroit Red Wings: Tyler Bertuzzi looking to bounce back in 2021-22

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The Detroit Red Wings have made some changes to their roster in the last couple of weeks, and things have changed a little, but one of the moves was signing veteran forward Tyler Bertuzzi to a two-year contract extension.

Bertuzzi will be taking home $9.5 million from the Detroit Red Wings on his new extension. The 2020-21 season was not an ideal one for Bertuzzi, who will need to have a big return in the 2021-22 season.

The contract extension that Bertuzzi signed might have looked a little different if he was able to play a full season. However, the injury just complicated things for Bertuzzi, who did not play a game after January when the already-late season started.

Without a full season, it’s hard to commit to a four- or five-year deal like Anthony Mantha had received in the past. The Red Wings may have been more willing to commit to a longer-term deal, but it’s tougher to hand out that type of deal with Bertuzzi being injured for basically all of last season.

Do not rule out another longer-term contract if Bertuzzi can prove he will perform at the same level as he did before last year, but time will tell. He was an all-star in the 2019-20 season, but injuries took his 2020-21 season from him.

Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi needs to do well in 2021-22.

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Bertuzzi played nine games last season where he scored five goals and added two assists for seven total points.

He was off to a great start in the early part of the season before a “day-to-day” injury lingered and shut things down.

The year he was an all-star in 2019-20, he played all 71 games for the Red Wings before the pandemic came into play and shut the season down for the organization.

He scored 21 goals and added 27 assists for 48 total points on the season.

Prior to that, in the 2018-19 season, Bertuzzi logged 47 total points. If he can do that once again in 2021-22, the two-year extension just looks even more worth it.

The hopes should be high for Bertuzzi, and the optimism should be there since he is expected to be healthy and ready to go when training camp starts.

The entire Red Wings team is trending in the right direction, and Bertuzzi being able to get back to the level he was performing at before last season only adds to things. With the team starting to have things fall into place, the Red Wings should be excited about getting a healthy Bertuzzi back.

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As the 2021-22 season inches closer, fans should be looking forward to optimism and positive news about Bertuzzi as he gets back on the ice and gets back into flow with the Red Wings top forwards.