Detroit Red Wings: Is top prospect Joe Veleno ready for the NHL?

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The Detroit Red Wings are getting their plans together for the 2021-22 season, which includes getting their prospect plans in order. One of the Red Wings front office discussions is likely going to be about top prospect Joe Veleno.

As the Detroit Red Wings continue to go through their offseason as training camp nears. Joe Veleno is thought of as one of the team’s brighter future players. He’s a former first-round draft pick and has yet to become a mainstay in the NHL.

Veleno has five NHL games under his belt, and in 2021-22, it seems like he might be prepped for an uptick in playing time. He could very well become a full-time member of the team’s forward core. The Red Wings are going to have to make a decision, and the wise one seems to be giving Veleno more playing time.

Now 21 years old, Veleno is still able to develop and get better while finding his footing in the NHL. The left-handed shooting centerman has plenty to show, and this season is the year to let him get his feet wet at the next level.

Detroit Red Wings forward Joe Veleno deserves his shot.

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His time in the NHL has been short, just five games. Veleno did manage to get one of the first big humps out of the way after he potted the first goal of his career.

In 2021-22, the expectation should be that he can settle in nicely in a full-time role. There is no reason that Veleno is not going to be a part of the top six at some point.

Once he settles in at the NHL level, he could easily become the team’s second-line center. When he does finally get his shot, it will likely be on the third and fourth line.

He will likely be someone who is working with the veterans and trying to find his footing in the NHL. Veleno is still young and going to have some bumps in the road, but his time in the NHL is coming, and going to be here soon.

The Red Wings have a lot to look forward to in the future, and if they are smart, they will bring up Veleno. He seems like he is ready to strut his stuff in the NHL and get his feet wet. If the Red Wings want to keep moving in the direction, Veleno deserves his shot.

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The future is bright for the Red Wings, and when training camp rolls around, expect Veleno to be getting looks with the regulars.