Detroit Lions: Is a reunion with Kerryon Johnson a good idea?

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The most significant obstacle writers tend to deal with before writing their next big hit starts with the topic. Finding a topic to write about causes me to start mindlessly scrolling through Detroit Lions Twitter for ten minutes, trying to find something that causes a take to form in my head.

Then the Philadelphia Eagles released Kerryon Johnson because of a nagging injury. Whoop, there it is, there’s the idea. As I am about to open Google docs, I feel my leg vibrate. One of the many Detroit Lions accounts I follow, SideLion Report, tweeted out an article about the depth of the team’s backfield.

I love Kerryon Johnson. I believed he had the opportunity to be a critical piece to a rebuild; nobody’s perfect. But, instead, the Lions drafted D’Andre Swift, which virtually ended any shot at my prediction coming true.

Johnson signed with the Eagles during the offseason, and the pairing made sense for both sides. The Eagles need a consistent back-up to Miles Sanders; Johnson needed a team willing to give anyone a shot at making a roster, but now he finds himself a free agent once again.

Should the Detroit Lions reunite with Kerryon Johnson?

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Johnson’s injury history caught up to him, leading to a nagging knee injury sidelining him throughout the start of camp, even being evaluated a few days prior. It is unfortunate to see him carry on to the next chapter, but it was strictly a business decision.

He falls victim to the NFL’s 85-man roster deadline, which was at 4 p.m. on August 17th.

He may be a few weeks or months from seeing on-field action, but does a reunion seem possible? Well, anything is possible.

The Lions need to re-sign Kerryon Johnson, giving him a second chance he deserves. The franchise transformed over the past few months.

Dan Campbell, a better situation, and better talent around him would make a Kerryon homecoming something to think about.

How will Johnson improve in the new Detroit Lions offense?

It’s time to realize that maybe Johnson failed because of the system around him rather than individual performance. Matt Patricia looked clueless every Sunday attempting to coach a football team. The Lions’ new coach, Campbell, has done everything right and more since his arrival in March. It started at the NFL Draft and has flowed into training camp.

Campbell and his coaching staff have changed the culture within these past few months. First, they begin each morning with up-downs that even the coaches have started to participate in. Then, the hunt for kneecaps begins.

This culture was a dream when Johnson last played for Detroit. But even then, Johnson showed spurts of greatness. People forget that Johnson broke the streak for games without a 100-yard rusher after torched the New England Patriots defense during his brief rookie season.

Also, the Lions can finally surround Johnson with the proper coaching staff to make him into an impactful rusher. Anthony Lynn, the Lions’ new offensive coordinator, breeds 1,000 rushers. He has only finished three seasons throughout his entire coaching tenure without a running back rushing for 1,000 yards. Shonn Greene ran averaged 1,000 yards in two seasons with Anthony Lynn.

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Kerryon Johnson will, most likely, not be signed by the Lions. They have a deep backfield that will be a crucial piece in the rebuild. However, I do believe everyone deserves a second chance. Johnson showed he could play in the league. He needs the right system; Campbell can do the job, and with Lynn’s help, he could maybe thrive again with the Lions.