Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera hits his 500th home run in Toronto

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The Detroit Tigers are in Toronto facing off against the Blue Jays in an away series. Miguel Cabrera finally knocked his 500th home run out of the park. He took a 1-1 changeup on the outer half of the plate and sent it packing.

It was a fitting home run for Cabrera, who tied things up for the Detroit Tigers after pushing it the other way for an opposite-field home run. After a frustrating stretch at home, Cabrera finally had the weight lifted off of his shoulders.

It was a six-game homestand, and Cabrera failed to knock one out; he came close on a ball hit to the warning track against the Los Angeles Angels that went for a loud out. But, in the second game on the road, Cabrera was able to accomplish the historic feat.

The 19-year veteran of the MLB has plenty of accolades, but this comes as one of the big ones. The next thing on Cabrera’s list of pursuits is going to be the road to 3,000 hits. He’s getting closer and needs less than 50 until he hits that mark.

Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera hit his 500th career home run.

This season, Cabrera has logged 99 games where he has slashed .246/.312/.375 with 13 home runs and 56 RBI. That 13th home run of the year was a big one, it took him some time, and he struggled under pressure for a few games but was able to do it.

Here’s the video of the blast from the Tigers Twitter:

While over the last week or so, pitchers have been very careful pitching to Cabrera. It’s been tough. Pitchers have worked around him and pitched the outer parts of the zone. It led to walks and weak contact at times, but the pressure is now off of Cabrera.

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Steven Matz was the unlucky soul who gave up the home run to Cabrera, but in reality, who remembers the pitchers who gave up the home run?

That being said, Matz may get some heat from his buddies or have to watch himself give up the home run on Sportscenter, but Cabrera’s glory is the focal point.

Cabrera just accomplished something that only 28 other players have done in the history of the game.

As the Tigers continue on with their season, they can celebrate Cabrera’s great feat and continue on with a season that is going impeccably well.

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For the time being, celebrate Cabrera and his accomplishment and look forward to his 3,000th hit while being relieved to have done so.