Detroit Red Wings: Could Nick Leddy be paired with Moritz Seider?

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The Detroit Red Wings are approaching training camp later this month, and it’s going to lead to some positional battles. One of the battles or decisions that have to be made is going to be a big one in regards to the team’s top prospect.

The Detroit Red Wings are going to have to decide what to do with Moritz Seider, their most exciting prospect who is poised for his NHL debut. The likelihood for Seider is that he is going to be present on the team’s roster when opening night arrives.

The question is, where will he slot on the depth chart, and who will his defense partner be? The smart play seems to be pairing Seider with a veteran defender who can show him the ropes and help Seider adjust to the NHL level.

One of the possible players that the Red Wings could try out as a partner for Seider is Nick Leddy. The Red Wings just brought in Nick Leddy ahead of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft in a trade with the New York Islanders.

The Detroit Red Wings could pair Nick Leddy with Moritz Seider.

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It may be early to jump to any conclusions, but Leddy very well could be the guy. Seider is a big defensive guy who is going to look to show and develop the offensive side of his game more early on in his career.

Seider is not afraid to throw the body around and can look to develop his defensive zone game even more as he gets into the NHL and kicks off his career.

Leddy, on the other hand, is an 11-year veteran of the NHL. He may not be as big as Seider, but he’s made a living off being a sound member of past teams’ bluelines.

Leddy has an offensive touch; he can make things happen in the offensive zone from the blueline, whether it is finding an occasional goal or setting up teammates for scoring chances. He’s just as impactful in the defensive zone and is someone who can play a sound defensive game.

It should be no shock that Leddy could play alongside Seider. The two are both of opposite handedness, which works in favor of this potential pairing. Plus, looking at the Red Wings roster, it seems like Leddy might be the best option of all the left-handed shooting defensemen.

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Time will tell, but the Red Wings may very well play Leddy and Seider together in the 2021-22 season.