Detroit Tigers: 3 veteran players who may outlast the rebuild

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Detroit Tigers
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The Detroit Tigers are turning some heads in the 2021 season, and the rebuild looks like it is really starting to turn some corners. As the season continues, it’s fun to look forward to the team being successful and competitive once again.

They may be a very different team when they are competitive once again, but the Detroit Tigers are trending in the right direction. As the rebuild continues, it’s hard to figure out exactly what the future roster will look like.

One thing is certain; the Tigers organization is going to undergo some changes. Players will be on their way out, and others may be kept around. The players who make it through the rebuild may not be long-term holds on the roster, but it seems like there are a few who could be on the team when they finally become a winning squad.

It’s not to say these players will be signed to long-term deals, but there are a few players who seem like they will avoid being traded and be retained to help guide some of the younger crowd through the rebuild.

While the younger crowd will obviously play a big role through the rebuild, the veterans are more fluid in roster space. But, the Tigers veterans who make it through the rebuild are going to be considered assets to development and considered important.

The rebuild is not quite over, but hoping veterans make it through is crucial.

Here are three veterans who will outlast the Detroit Tigers rebuild.