Detroit Tigers: 3 veteran players who may outlast the rebuild

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Detroit Tigers, Robbie Grossman
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Robbie Grossman – OF/Switch

Another player who may outlast the Detroit Tigers rebuild is outfielder Robbie Grossman. The 31-year old will be with the team through the 2022 season at a minimum, so suggesting a contract extension is not all that crazy.

It would be worth it, that’s for sure. The switch-hitting outfielder has been a solid addition to the Tigers and is one of the only players who has received a multi-year contract in years from the Tigers front office.

In 2021, Grossman has been the king of getting on base, even if his average may not be in line with that. Grossman has logged 124 games so far in 2021, where he is slashing .236/.356/.417 with 19 home runs and 57 total RBI on the season.

Grossman refined his approach and swing at the plate these last few seasons, and the results have been positive, to say the least. Being more selective at the plate while putting better swings on the ball has led to more walks raising his on-base percentage and more extra-base hits, helping him grab a few more RBI than normal.

As mentioned above, Grossman is signed through the 2022 season on a two-year, $10 million deal that is for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. The team is going to have a crowded outfield when all of the high-level prospects finally poke through, but for the time being, Grossman is a solid option.

On a competitive team, Grossman may not be the best outfielder option as prospects will become mainstays, but he could very well still earn a year or two of extension and hopefully see the rebuild through.