Detroit Lions rumors: Is Anthony Lynn on his way out of the Motor City?

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The Detroit Lions are looking ahead to week four, but the horizon is looking less and less bright for this team’s offense. Not that the offense is horrific or doing terribly, but the coaching situation could get quite interesting.

It seems that the Detroit Lions could be without Anthony Lynn in the future. While nothing is set in stone, and it is all rumors, it looks like there’s a mutual interest between Lynn and the University of Southern California (USC). A recent tweet points to the idea that Lynn may depart the Motor City.

NFL reporter Jim Trotter dropped the news on Monday evening in regards to the Lions offensive coordinator. It has not been a long-standing relationship as Lynn just arrived in Detroit ahead of this season after he was hired to be a part of the new staff under first-year head coach Dan Campbell.

There are a few key things to note in this tweet that could mean something or mean nothing. Time will be the true determinant here.

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn may be on his way out.

Yes, already. It may not be for a negative reason, but it seems like Lynn may be trying to get back to California. He served as the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers for the last four seasons before he departed to join the staff here in Detroit.

One of the things to note about this tweet is that it was not the school who reached out but rather the boosters. USC has not officially contacted the Lions about setting up an interview, or it has not been announced publicly yet.

This could mean that it is more of a “hey, we would like to bring in Lynn” scenario where the reality is that the school may not agree. However, it does mention that Lynn is interested in the job, and that should leave Lions fans a little worried.

Even though the Lions are winless, losing out on their offensive coordinator in week four or five is not great. The offense will have to be controlled by Campbell or whoever takes over as the interim, and that leaves a lot of room for error on that side of the ball.

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If Lynn opts to depart the Motor City already, the Lions’ hopes for a productive season are going to falter a bit. However, these are just rumors and could be completely untrue. Time will tell, but Lynn may very well have his bags packed and be heading to USC.