Detroit Lions suffer another heartbreaking loss; enough is enough

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The Detroit Lions were two seconds away from the first win of the Dan Campbell era. However, history did occur at Ford Field on Sunday; the wrong team made it.

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker stuck a dagger through the hearts of Detroit Lions fans, kicking a record 66-yard game-winning field goal. But, unfortunately, the ball bounced off the crossbar then over the yellow line—another heartbreaking loss for this snake-bitten franchise.

How did it happen?

Two seconds.

I sat in disbelief, asking myself one question repeatedly, “how do they do this to themselves?”

It feels that things have taken a significant step in the right direction since Dan Campbell stepped into the equation. The team plays with heart, never believing they are out of a game. They nearly came back to shock the 49ers. The Packers trailed them at the end of the first half last Monday. They were two seconds away from their first win.

How do Detroit Lions fans deal with such constant heartbreak?

The Lions have proven to have turned a new leaf in 2021. Campbell has instilled into his players how important it is to play a full 60 minutes. They have done that in these three weeks. So, what’s the problem?

They rattled Lamar Jackson in the pocket, sacking him four times; The Ravens sacked Goff twice. Nevertheless, the defense held the Ravens to under three scores, forcing them to rely on Justin Tucker. It worked.

Tucker has kicked 50 consecutive field goals in the fourth quarter/Overtime. Fifty consecutive field goals to decide games. You cannot teach that type of clutch.

The Lions have suffered these types of losses for decades. Unfortunately, the team has yet to recover from the loss of their only championship-caliber quarterback. When will it end?

Wins will come. This group has something that the teams prior did not. They play with a different type of intensity. Campbell brought that into the culture. Things get worse before they get better. There cannot be anything worse than that loss.

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Good things are coming for the Detroit Lions fans.