Detroit Red Wings: Jakub Vrána missing time could be detrimental early on

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The Detroit Red Wings are getting closer and closer to the start of their 2021-22 season. However, it seems like their forward core is about to take a hit before the season even starts with some recent injury news.

It seems as though Jakub Vrána may be absent from the Detroit Red Wings lineup to start the year after things took a turn. It was announced that Vrána is going to need to see a specialist and will possibly miss some time.

After just ten minutes on the ice for the Red Wings this past weekend for practice, he would exit with the injury. Now it seems that Vrána may not even be ready for puck-drop on opening night. While he is still relatively new to the organization, he now plays an integral role.

Vrána was acquired after the Red Wings opted to traded forward Anthony Mantha at the trade deadline in the deal with the Washington Capitals. He had an instant effect on the Red Wings offense, and being without him is going to be tough.

Detroit Red Wings forward Jakub Vrána’s injury could dampen things.

Vrána is a five-year veteran of the NHL and is going into his second season with the Red Wings organization. He was also given a contract extension worth $5.25 million over the next three seasons.

In his first stint with the Red Wings, Vrána logged just eleven games where he scored eight goals and added three assists for 11 points. He was able to tap into some goal scoring after he got to Detroit and was able to benefit from the change of scenery.

If Vrána ends up missing time, the Red Wings will be without one of the forwards who could very likely be expected to anchor one of the team’s top lines. Without Vrána in the lineup, the teams’ ability to score goals is going to be hindered.

The Red Wings are hoping to turn a corner in 2021-22 and be able to look like a much better team. But without Vrána in the lineup, it’s going to be hard to get the offense kickstarted. Time will tell after Vrána visits a specialist.

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Missing out on his offense and presence in the lineup early in the year is the last thing the Red Wings are hoping for. It would suck to go without him early on in 2021-22, especially with the hope that he could become a part of the organization’s future plans.