Detroit Tigers: Izaac Pacheco a longways away but has a bright future

(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Detroit Tigers have a plethora of exciting prospects making their way to the big leagues. While a good number of these guys will ultimately get moved before they get here, there’s a lot to be excited about.

The landscape of the Detroit Tigers farm system even changed this summer after the 2021 June Amateur Draft. One of the players who was added into the mix of prospects working their way through the minor league system is Izaac Pacheco.

He is a high-school shortstop who hails from Texas and is making friends with another high-schooler who was taken in the first round. Pacheco was a second-round pick of the Tigers this summer and has gotten his feet wet with the organization down in Florida this summer.

While he may be years from seeing any shot at the big leagues, he’s one of those players that are exciting to hear about. He’s a player that fans should not forget about as he could become quite valuable to this team… in more ways than one.

Detroit Tigers prospect Izaac Pacheco might end up being quite valuable.

While it was a short showing, Pacheco did find his way into 30 games down in the Florida Complex League (FCL), where many of the recent draftees were for teams who have Spring Training sites in Florida.

Pacheco logged 106 at-bats where he slashed .226/.339/.330 with seven extra-base hits and seven RBI to his credit. The numbers may not have jumped off of the page, but Pacheco is someone who has plenty to like.

Being that he is coming out of high school, the chance to “dream” or project him is there. He is a shortstop as it stands now, but his long-term projection seems that of a third baseman. The reasoning is partly because of his frame; he’s 6-foot-4, 225 pounds as of now.

There’s a higher likelihood of him being a corner infielder who can hit for some pop as he develops and starts to get stronger. Pacheco is also super young, so there is a chance that he is used as a trade piece if needed. I mean, he is the sixth-best prospect in the organization according to MLB dot com.

The rumor is that the Tigers are going to sign a shortstop of the future this offseason, which would eat up his spot. As was mentioned, he could move over to third base, but with a good amount of future players vying for spots in the infield, Pacheco may be flipped to help build a winner.

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At the minimum, the excitement when it comes to Pacheco is his hit tool. He has a quality bat and is going to be a solid addition to the Tigers organization, even if he ends up being traded. The reason he’s valuable even if he is traded is simply that he can bring a good amount of value in return with a bright future.