Detroit Tigers rumored to officially be in pursuit of Carlos Correa

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The Detroit Tigers have been rumored to be in pursuit of Carlos Correa for some time now. But it seems that there was truth to it as they officially seem to have Correa on their list of targets for this offseason.

With the shortstop being the hot commodity this offseason, the Detroit Tigers are likely going to spend some money. It’s early, and things can change. Who knows, the Houston Astros may go on a run this October and wind up swinging Correa’s decision for him.

Correa is going to want to get paid and want to make some money on his new contract; the question is who will be able to pay. The Tigers are seemingly going to spend some money this offseason; the question is, truthfully, how much the checkbook will be willing to spend.

Christopher Ilitch claims he is going to spend, Correa seems to be the first and top priority, but his asking price may just be too much. The Tigers need to bring in some difference-makers to round out the roster, and Correa would undoubtedly be one.

Detroit Tigers are rumored to be in on Carlos Correa.

While the Detroit Tigers are about done and are heading to another year of being less than .500, the Astros are going to keep playing. In 2021, Correa has logged 146 games where he has slashed .277/.363/.480 with 25 home runs and 91 RBI.

Correa is a great option. Given the group of shortstops that are heading into free agency this year, the Tigers would be wise to make Correa the top priority. It’s clear on why he is a good fit given his connection to A.J. Hinch during their time with the Astros.

If the Tigers want to spend money this offseason, Correa is a solid option, but in terms of opinion, I’m not sold. It’s not that Correa is not a great addition because he would be. I am just not 100% sold on him.

His last two seasons have been better, but it was quite tough for him to play an entire season early on in his career without missing time due to injury. If the Tigers are going to shell out a plethora of money on a free agent, what is the value in paying a player for 100-120 games a season knowing they will sustain an injury.

The Tigers front office will ultimately make the call on what they see fit as the best option. Honestly, if the team goes out and signs Carlos Correa and invests in him for their future shortstop, there’s plenty to be excited about.

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But I’m just not sold on that move yet,