Detroit Tigers rumors: Adding to the rotation deemed a necessity

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The Detroit Tigers are shifting their focus to the offseason, where they are likely going to be active. They did not finish above .500 and did not finish in the top grouping of the league, but they still were in the middle of the pack and were much better off than they have been.

It seems like a strong offseason for the Detroit Tigers will bode well for them; adding things in areas of need is going to be necessary. One of the areas of need has been recently defined by the Tigers general manager himself.

Al Avila commented that landing another impact starter is going to be a “necessity” for the Tigers as this offseason pushes on. With the younger crowd taking things over in the rotation this year, there has to be some speculation that a steady veteran could come in and anchor down this rotation.

While some may think Matthew Boyd is that guy, his arm injury will keep him out for some time, and it seems like he may be destined for a role in the bullpen. So adding a new and improved arm should be something that ranks pretty high up on this offseason’s priorities.

The Detroit Tigers are rumored to view adding a starter as a necessity.

While this year’s offseason is not stacked with top-flight arms, there are some pitchers who would certainly be an impactful addition for the Tigers. There are a few arms at the top of the list who will earn some nice contracts as established veterans and likely future Hall of Famers.

The thing is, I do not see the Tigers going out and signing Max Scherzer, bringing him back to the organization at the age of 37. While it would be great, and that’s an entire article of content in itself, the Tigers are likely going to bring in a middle-of-the-run player who can still be a quality starter for the Tigers.

It seems like the reality is that the Tigers bringing in an impact arm is going to be the likes of Eduardo Rodriguez, Wade Miley,  Jon Gray, José Quintana, etc. It’s the guys who could be a number one option and would take some pressure off the younger pitchers, but it’s also those who are not true aces.

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The offseason has not truly started yet, given that the playoffs are just now underway, but the Tigers are going to be planning while the remaining teams compete for a World Series. It should be interesting to see how things shake out and see who the Tigers try to target.