Detroit Red Wings: Is the Calder Trophy likely coming to Hockeytown?

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The Detroit Red Wings have embarked on their 2021-22 season, and it’s way too early to start looking at the end of the year, but there are some things that are hard to overlook. One of those things is going to be the situation with one of the Red Wings winning the Calder Trophy.

After some solid drafting and an offseason swindling, the Detroit Red Wings have three players who could very well make a run for the Calder Trophy in 2021-22. At the very least, Alex Nedeljkovic, Lucas Raymond, and  Moritz Seider are all players who have to be considered.

There is a lot of young talent out there to be excited about and look forward to seeing in the NHL this year, but the Red Wings have three youngsters who will turn some heads (hopefully) and make things interesting.

While Nedeljkovic is not embarking on his first season in the NHL, this will be the first time that he sees the majority of the games in net, and after being stolen from the Carolina Hurricanes, it looked like the Red Wings really got a good one and has a shot to prove that this year.

The Detroit Red Wings are going to have three players gunning for the Calder Trophy.

As mentioned above, there will undoubtedly be some quality young players across the league, but the Red Wings have three quality players in the running. Not to mention, each is from a different position group which makes it even easier to think one of them could string together a quality season and possibly take home the Calder Trophy.

However, there is no guarantee that Raymond and Seider will stick with the NHL club the entire season. As Raymond mentioned in a recent interview, he’s proud of making the team but knows that it still takes a lot more work to keep and consistently earn his spot for the season.

The hopes are high, and I know for myself, I think Raymond and Nedeljkovic are going to turn some heads for sure. Seider is amazing and is going to be a future stud for this team, but I think his style of play is not going to be as attractive as that of a Calder Trophy winner.

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There is likely going to be plenty to root for in 2021-22. These three players just give the Red Wings faithful something to pay attention to and watch as the season gets underway and continues.