Detroit Red Wings: 3 way-too-early takeaways for the 2021-22 season

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Detroit Red Wings, Tyler Bertuzzi
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The Detroit Red Wings are playing with enthusiasm.

Let’s be honest. The Detroit Red Wings have looked defeated in the past few seasons, or just lackadaisical knowing that they are not going to be winning anything. However, the Red Wings are looking the opposite.

It may just be the first game excitement and the team coming out strong, but the Red Wings look like they are going to play with some serious gusto and enthusiasm. Hopefully, this lasts and does not fizzle out two weeks into the season after some inevitable frustrating losses.

Again, these are way-too-early reactions for a reason. But the Red Wings look like they are going to come out in 2021-22 and try to prove they are coming out of a rebuild. They have not turned the corner yet, but it seems that they are going to try and prove they’re going to be a threat again soon.

If the team is going to bring enthusiasm like this, things are going to be exciting. Players are going to buy in, and the locker room morale will be on the rise. The more buy-in, the more success they will have. It starts with things like enthusiasm and playing the game for the whole 60-minutes.

While it may feel like a house league coach talking to his team, the Red Wings can really make some changes by playing with the same enthusiasm they showed early in the first game of the season.