Detroit Pistons: Predicting roles for the entire Pistons’ roster

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Detroit Pistons, Cade Cunningham
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The Detroit Pistons kick off their season on Wednesday against the Chicago Bulls at home.

Despite having one of the worst records in the league last season, there is plenty of excitement around the team from fans, specifically around their young core.

This year, the Pistons will likely still be one of the worst teams in the league, but the team should be improved, and hopefully, take a step towards contention as soon as 2022. Here is how the roster shapes up this year and goals for everyone on the team.

Detroit Pistons starting Point Guard Killian Hayes.

Expected Role: Starting Point Guard, Assist Leader

Second-year guard Killian Hayes is already one of the most divisive players on the Pistons roster. Some people believe he is a bust due to his lack of jump shot and scoring ability.

However, fans should be patient with him as he is only 20 years old and has played 26 NBA games. Plus, he already has two-plus skills with his passing and defense. Hayes should have a reasonable amount of time with the ball in his hand and running the offense.

With the ball in hand, Hayes looks to pass first and should make all his teammates better. To unlock all of his offensive potential, Hayes will have to be better at shooting the ball and finishing at the rim.

Hayes already has a good mid-range game, but looking to score at the rim will make his passing look even better, and a good three-point shot will make him more effective off the ball. As the starting point guard, Hayes should continue to show off his passing and defense, but he will need to improve at least one aspect of his scoring this season.

Detroit Pistons starting Shooting Guard Cade Cunningham.

Expected Role: Starting Shooting Guard, Do everything guy

The first overall pick, Cade Cunningham, should start this season next to Hayes once he is back from his ankle injury. Cunningham’s greatest skill is his versatility, and the Pistons should use all of his different skills depending on the lineup.

In lineups with players who need the ball like Jerami Grant and Killian Hayes, Cunningham will play more off the ball to space the floor and attack rotating defenses. With Hayes or Cory Joseph, Cunningham could play as the lead scorer, looking for his shot from deep, the post, or driving to the hoop.

Cunningham can run the point and use his passing skills to set up teammates without another point guard.  Cunningham’s ability to play in nearly every lineup has tremendous value, and why he will be a big part of the Pistons plans in 2021 and the future.