Detroit Pistons: Predicting roles for the entire Pistons’ roster

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Detroit Pistons, Hamidou Diallo
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Detroit Pistons backup Point Guard Saben Lee.

Expected Role: Third Point Guard

The above ten players fill out the rotation as coach Casey has said he will likely keep the rotation to only ten, but with injuries, it wouldn’t be surprising to see any of these players get extended run. If Hayes or Joseph are injured or traded in Joseph’s case, expect Lee to fill as the backup point guard spot. Lee is a great athlete who loves going downhill to the rim.

His shot has looked better in the preseason, but it is still his most glaring weakness until proven otherwise in the regular season. Outside of his shot, Lee is still a young player and needs more playing time in the NBA or the G League.

Lee will likely spend at least some time in the G League this year, but if needed, he can fill in with the upside to being a solid bench guard for a long time.

Detroit Pistons backup guard/forward Hamidou Diallo.

Expected Role: 3rd Shooting Guard, Small Foward

Hamidou Diallo was the toughest player to keep out of the rotation as he was just resigned and has succeeded in the NBA. Unfortunately for him, both Frank and Josh Jackson have looked better in the preseason and training camp, and without a reliable jump shot, Diallo isn’t always the cleanest fit in lineups.

Even if he isn’t initially in the rotation, he will definitely find himself in the rotation at some point. An interesting lineup would be if the Detroit Pistons went small in their bench lineup and subbed in Diallo for Lyles.

Josh Jackson and Diallo are good rebounders for their position, but they would really need to crash the glass to ensure they aren’t destroyed on the boards. If they can do that, it would be a tough lineup to guard with the amount of athleticism and people who can create a shot for themselves or others.

If Casey doesn’t want to do that, Diallo will likely see time for Frank or Josh Jackson to struggle or if Casey wants his passing and driving ability in certain matchups. Diallo has initially lost the battle for a rotation spot, but he still will have chances to prove that he deserves a spot in the rotation.