Detroit Red Wings showing a new style of play early on in 2021-22

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The Detroit Red Wings 2-1-1 in this early season, at the time of writing, and they look like a different hockey club. It’s early, that’s very clear, but the Red Wings appear to be entering into a new era of hockey.

As the Detroit Red Wings continue through this rebuild and look to start turning a corner indefinitely, they look like they’re going to embody a new style. Whether it was purposeful or not, the team is playing harder, throwing the body around more, and playing a much more physical game.

Then again, one of this team’s future talents is Moritz Seider, who is no stranger to throwing the body around and will take a run at the opposition any time. Givani Smith is looking like somewhat of a mainstay in the Red Wings lineup; he’s not afraid to drop the mitts.

This physical style of play might be here to stay, and that would be a new style for the Red Wings teams of recent years. Personally, it’s exciting and leads to the quality of hockey being more fun to watch.

The Detroit Red Wings appear to have a new style/identity.

Rather than coming out and being all offense or being a team that’s going to come out and be a team full of skilled offensive players. It seems like the Red Wings are building an all-around winner with skilled players in all areas of the game.

Being more physical is a product of the roster construction. With players on this team that are more physical, it leads to the team being a more fiery bunch. It’s much more fun to watch when the team is out there playing with some edge and physical bone to it.

As the Red Wings continue on through the rebuild, they may start to fit this mold more and more. The Red Wings have some prospects like Albert Johansson, Elmer Soderblöm, and others who will fit this mold. While the Red Wings have a lot of skilled prospects to be excited about, they are going to bring some physicality as well.

The Red Wings are moving in the right direction, slowly but surely, and this new identity as a team with some physicality should be exciting for this fanbase to get behind. As the tide turns and the Red Wings start to establish themselves, the fanbase will be able to get excited for what the future holds.

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