Detroit Lions throw the kitchen sink at Rams but still come away empty

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Detroit Lions, Jared Goff
Detroit Lions, Jared Goff /

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff continues to struggle.

I hate to write this, but Goff’s days may be numbered. Yes, he played exceptionally well in the revenge game, but he also cost his team the game on multiple occasions.

Jared Goff threw a pass into double coverage ending in a Jalen Ramsey interception. He did not have to throw that ball, and he failed to hit Swift on a check-down route, which led to a first and goal and at least three points.

The icing on the cake came when he overthrew Swift on a screen pass, causing a tipped pass to be intercepted with seconds remaining. The play ended up being a moot point, but it says a lot about Goff’s playmaking ability.

I have defended this man all season, but I’m getting tired of being let down. Goff has the equivalent of one-ply toilet paper as receivers; however, it does not excuse his performance entirely. Campbell said he needed to step up this week but once again failed to do enough.

The Detroit Lions host the Eagles on a spooky Sunday at 1 p.m Est. Maybe this will be the week Detroit secures their first victory of the season.