Detroit Red Wings: 3 treats the Yzerplan could contain during the season

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In light of Halloween, let’s take a look at some tricks and treats for the Detroit Red Wings. In this case, there are going to be three treats to go over. The Yzerplan is underway, and the Red Wings are cruising along.

As the Detroit Red Wings move through the season, General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman will likely surprise fans with some of his standard-issue decisions. If the fanbase has learned one thing so far about Yzerman’s tenure in Detroit, it is that he’s got a plan in motion.

It’s also become pretty clear that Yzerman is not afraid to make moves that could vastly change the roster and shake things up. He has made trades, signed free agents, and moved things around to better the organization.

There have certainly been some treats for fans in the past. Whether it was the decision to trade Anthony Mantha to add draft capital and bring in Jakub Vrána in the process as well, he made moves around the draft to add in a first-round pick to select netminder Sebastian Cossa.

It has been quality moves all around from the Red Wings front office that has them moving in the right direction; this offseason could provide some treats for fans. That being said, in the spirit of Halloween, take a look at three treats that could be in store for the rest of the 2021-22 season as a part of the Yzerplan.

Here are three treats the Detroit Red Wings could have in store for 2021-22.