Detroit Red Wings: 3 treats the Yzerplan could contain during the season

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Treat #1 would be if the Detroit Red Wings made a blockbuster trade

If the Detroit Red Wings made a blockbuster trade this season, it would likely lead to a treat for the team. The deals that Yzerman has made so far have worked out quite well for the organization as it stands.

While the picture for this slide is Jack Eichel, I had no specific player in mind. Bringing in someone like Jack Eichel has its positives and its negatives, but that’s another discussion. If the Red Wings are going to go out and make a splash, bringing in a player or players via a blockbuster deal.

Eichel is the poster child for a potential blockbuster trade that could happen this season but players like Filip Forsberg, Tomas Hertl, Johnny Gaudreau, Kris Letang, among many others. Whether it’s picking up some pending unrestricted free agents or bringing someone in who’s still got some time left on their contract is worth it.

It’s known that Yzerman is not afraid to make these types of deals, but the question is if he has one in the cards for the 2021-22 season. It sure would be a treat to add some boosted production to this team’s offense in hopes of getting them closer to getting over the hump.