Detroit Red Wings: 3 treats the Yzerplan could contain during the season

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Treat #2: The Detroit Red Wings could get a contract extension done with Filip Zadina.

One of the things the Detroit Red Wings could do to provide a treat for fans is evaluate contracts and bring back those worthy. While some of this may not be the most important right now a few games into the season, there will be some crucial decisions to be made.

A player the Red Wings need to ensure they bring back is young forward Filip Zadina. Zadina is under contract through the 2021-22 season but will be a restricted free agent following the completion of this year.

While Zadina is not likely to get an offer sheet from another team, it can be avoided if the team just pre-emptively signs him to an extension. Giving Zadina a contract extension needs to be a priority, and doing it would allow the Red Wings to lock up one of their future main pieces.

There’s no telling what the plans are for handling Zadina’s upcoming restricted free agent status, if he gets a bridge deal, or if the Red Wings lock up their hopeful sniper for a few seasons. Getting a deal done for the Red Wings future would indeed be considered a real treat.