Detroit Red Wings: 3 treats the Yzerplan could contain during the season

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Treat #3: Detroit Red Wings youngster Lucas Raymond could win the Calder Trophy.

The Detroit Red Wings have a unique forward on the ice night in and night out. Lucas Raymond made the roster out of training camp, which may have shocked some, but his performance on the ice has owned the opposition.

Raymond has been phenomenal for the Red Wings organization early on and has had an impact in many areas. His continued performance at such a high level would be a real treat for the Red Wings and likely get him a Calder Trophy.

Inevitably there will be some struggles, but the Red Wings have a decision to make. Sending him back down to the minors to reset things. However, allowing him to work through the adversity at the NHL level might be the better bet.

If the Yzerplan entails keeping Raymond around the NHL club for the season, he may certainly wind up with a real shot to take home the Calder Trophy. Raymond is a quality player and will be for the future of this organization.

He has adjusted quickly to the NHL and is making plays all over the ice, offensively putting the pieces together to create scoring chances for this Red Wings team.

It would be a real treat for the Red Wings to see Lucas Raymond win the Calder Trophy in 2021-22.

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