Detroit Tigers: Renaming the bullpen better than PETA’s suggestion

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The Detroit Tigers are among the teams targeted in criticism by animal rights activist organization, PETA. They are calling for the bullpen to be renamed, given it “devalues talented players and mocks the misery of animals.” Is their criticism well-founded? Given the historical treatment of cows and bulls in rodeos and butcheries, yes. Is PETA a sports organization? Nope.

That’s why the Detroit Tigers should consider the potential name change, but not using PETA’s suggestion. “Arm barn” is fine but doesn’t have the same ring as “bullpen” does. Everyone can think of better names, and this is the perfect opportunity to customize the name for each organization.

Think about it, how cool would it be if Garrett Whitlock of the Red Sox came out of the Sock Drawer every game? Or if every Mariners reliever came out of the Loading Dock? Any bird mascot organization and The Nest? Think of all the potential fun that could come from this.

Is every name going to be a winner? Absolutely not. Think of this kind of like the bullpen cart situation. The Tigers had an absolutely incredible bullpen cart (depicted here) that emphasizes the organization’s history and the city. Others just looked a little generic. That is what the Tigers fans are looking for with a new name. Something fun that really emphasizes the history and glory of the organization.

Here are several Detroit Tigers-centric names for the renamed bullpen

Arm barn just doesn’t fit the Tigers’ style. Starting off with the simplest name of the bunch: The Den. In the wild, Tigers live in dens. Dens provide shelter and comfort before the big cats while they wait in between hunts. The Detroit Tigers’ relievers would be those resting in the den prior to their big moments.

What if the Tigers went in another direction in our name search? While not traditionally known as the Kings of the Jungle (that would be our other Motor City Brethren, the Detroit Lions), Tigers are at the top of the jungle food chain. So, where would be the best reliever habitat? The Jungle. Strong, mysterious name, solid ring, and how cool would it be for the Comerica lights to dim and fans hear “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses on pitching changes?

Less in the vein of mysterious and cool, the Stripe Shelter would be the kind of Tiger-specific name that also appeals to the PETA crowd in that it supports the conservation of the species and shelters that work to heal Tiger populations around the world.

Maybe The Jungle, The Den, or Stripe Shelter just don’t do it for you. Looking for something a little more generic? Reliever Range, Setup Shelter, or Pickup Pitcher Place are all alliterative names that every fan would definitely be annoyed by before inevitably getting used to by the end of their inaugural seasons.

Overall, the name bullpen is likely not going anywhere anytime soon. However, the thought behind the change is certainly noble. Further, it leads to a discussion on the conservation of other species, like Tiger populations, that are considered heavily endangered. According to the WWF, Tigers have lost 93% of their original habitats.

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Maybe this is an excellent chance to raise awareness. Or, perhaps this is a good chance for the Tigers to have the most intimidating reliever entrance in the league.

Like, come on, imagine a September night game against the Cleveland Baseball Team, the Tigers lead 3-0. Casey Mize exits after eight shutout innings to the lights dimming, a tiger roar, and “Welcome to the Jungle” blasting as Gregory Soto enters from The Jungle to throw 101 mph and strike out the side.