Detroit Tigers: Clayton Kershaw could be on the offseason radar

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The Detroit Tigers are heading into the offseason with the expectations of signing some impactful players. It could be one of many different positional needs. The hints seem to point to spending money on a starting pitcher or a shortstop.

It’s the same thing that Detroit Tigers fans have been hearing about this offseason for months now. The time has come, and it’s time to start shopping. When it comes to adding a starting pitcher, the team wants a proven pitcher who can add experience and skill to the rotation.

Ahead of the deadline, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that they did not extend an $18.4 million one-year qualifying offer to veteran southpaw Clayton Kershaw. It’s a big move for them to let the 14-year veteran of the organization hit the open market.

While Kershaw has undoubtedly had his injury woes over the year, it’s a steal for the organization at the right price. It’s likely a hard sell for Kershaw to come to Detroit, but the Tigers have to be considering it if they want a truly impactful arm for the rotation.

The Detroit Tigers need to have Clayton Kershaw on the radar.

Getting in an entire season of baseball without injuries has been an issue, yes, but if the Tigers can get Kershaw here on a cost-efficient deal, it’s a steal. Kershaw would start 22 games for the Dodgers in 2021, where he totaled 121.2 innings of work.

He pitched to a 10-8 record, a 3.55 ERA, a 1.02 WHIP, and collected 144 punchouts in the process. The left-handed with the hammer of a curveball is still a quality pitcher, one of the game’s best. The durability is a concern, but if the Tigers’ rotation continues to blossom, the Tigers will not have to rely on him as going toe to toe with aces.

His “ace” mindset and veteran presence in the Tigers rotation and clubhouse will help add to the organization’s future development of the pitching staff. Dropping $30 million a season on a contract with the 33-year old Kershaw is not the best decision this club can make.

But, if they are able to entice him with a chance to compete in the coming years as he closes out his career, maybe Detroit can sell the southpaw. The right deal is one that leaves Kershaw getting paid his worth; I would say the $15-20 million (per year) range over a couple of seasons or so does the job.

Competing with other teams is going to be the biggest obstacle for a move like this to be pulled off. However, if the Tigers were able to make a move like that happen and bring in a star shortstop, this fanbase would be off the walls excited, but that seems like a pipe dream.

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After all, with Matthew Stafford being traded to the Los Angeles Rams, the announcers have been long awaiting a moment to slip in their favorite cross-sport fun fact about Kershaw and Stafford’s friendship and high school sports days.

Yeah, I went there.