Detroit Lions announce they will not claim Odell Beckham Jr.

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Perhaps one of the more attention-grabbing news stories to follow across the National Football League (NFL) right now is the Odell Beckham Jr. saga. The Detroit Lions get the first crack at him with their waiver spot after the disgruntled wideout is looking for a new home.

The Cleveland Browns opted to part ways with the wideout and have placed him on waivers with the intention of releasing him. By 4 P.M. ET tomorrow, teams can place their waiver claims on him, and the Detroit Lions do indeed have the first spot in that order.

Even with a free shot to put a claim in on Beckham Jr. with a hope to add a spark to this receiving core, it seems that the Lions are going to pass on this opportunity. Head coach Dan Campbell announced that the Lions would not be claiming the veteran receiver.

It’s understandable to see why the 0-8 Lions are going to pass on him. There are reasons to explore bringing him in, yes, but there are also reasons that make it clear why he is being passed on by this organization.

The Detroit Lions will pass on wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

For starters, the Lions are 0-8 and still seeking the first win. With a banged-up wide receiver group that is already hurt, it’s silly to think that one receiver will buy them wins (PLURAL). It makes sense to believe Beckham Jr. might be the difference-maker in a single game and help the Lions win a game, but it just does not seem worth it.

This Lions team has a seemingly controlled and good morale going, especially for an 0-8 club. There have not been complaints about locker room issues coming out left, and right and Campbell has these guys working impeccably hard trying to grind out that first win.

Bringing in Beckham Jr. may have had an effect on that. It’s Campbell’s locker room right now, and those players are still giving their all out there, even when there are a billion reasons not to with the cards stacked against them.

Beckham Jr. has been a locker room issue and someone who can drag down a position group, offense, or locker room as a whole. It’s clear that there were issues in Cleveland with Beckham Jr. that may not have brought down the entire offense but definitely had an impact.

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The Lions are going to pass on Beckham Jr., and given their situation; it should not be all that shocking.