Detroit Tigers: Expect more of the same from Robbie Grossman in 2022

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The Detroit Tigers signed Robbie Grossman to a two-year contract before the 2021 season, and the second year of the contract takes him through the 2022 season. He’s been a quality asset for the Tigers outfield.

Looking at the 2021 Detroit Tigers season grades, Grossman was the only one who would receive the best grade with an A- according to Detroit Jock City contributor Joseph Wooley. While season grades are subjective and can be opinionated, Joseph got this right.

Grossman was the best producers from the Tigers outfield this season. There’s plenty of reason to expect that he can do the same thing in 2022 and be an incredibly valuable member of this team’s lineup, game after game.

He finds ways to get on base and is able to do a job when he’s at the plate. The Tigers should be excited to get him back for another season in the Motor City. This team’s outfield could get crowded, but Grossman provides baserunners and the chance to bring in more runs and try and find this team some more wins along the way.

Expect more of the season Detroit Tigers outfielder Robbie Grossman in 2022.

In 2021 Grossman logged 156 games where he slashed .239/.357/.415 with 23 home runs and 67 RBI for the Tigers. But looking a bit deeper, it’s easy to see how Grossman added value. With a BB% of 14.6%, he was constantly on-base at the top of the Tigers lineup.

Grossman had a wRC of 94, which is the highest of his eight-season in the big leagues, according to FanGraphs, which is 33 points higher. His batting and baserunning were his two strongest suits, while his fielding and positional value were atrocious.

His fielding metrics are not pretty, and after getting out to Comerica a couple of times at the end of the summer and watching Tigers games, it was easy to see why. Grossman is not the smoothest in the field, but the ability to get on base is so attractive for a team like the Tigers.

Grossman’s contract for the 2022 season may not have him getting an extension since this team has some exciting prospects coming through the pipeline. Though, his plate discipline is keeping him a threat at the plate.

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Either way, when the 2022 season does roll around, Grossman is likely going to produce more of the same and be a steady contributor to the Tigers offense. The Tigers made a great decision to grab Grossman on his two-year deal, one of Al Avila’s few intelligent signings.