Detroit Tigers news: Eduardo Rodriguez signs a 5-year contract

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The Detroit Tigers have gone out and flexed the pocketbook for the first time of this offseason. It was noted that the team wanted to add starting pitching depth this offseason. They were able to accomplish this with a five-year contract.

The Detroit Tigers came to an agreement with starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez on a five-year, $77 million contract. Rodriguez will now join the Tigers rotation and try to help the organization move in the right direction.

Rodrigez gets the first multi-year deal in quite some time, with the exception of Robbie Grossman’s two-year contract as an outfielder. Al Avila felt that Rodriguez was the best option for the Tigers out on the market.

Rodriguez is coming off of a 2021 season where he made 31 starts with a 13-8 record. He pitched to a 4.74 ERA, with a 1.39 WHIP and adding 185 strikeouts. He missed the 2020 season, where Rodriguez had to sit out due to health issues that resulted from COVID-19.

The Detroit Tigers have signed Eduardo Rodriguez to a five-year deal.

It’s a large contract for the Tigers, the biggest one they have given out in years. Frankly, it’s a big deal for the Tigers to make a signing like this to add Rodriguez. It shows that the team really is going to start spending and making moves that push this team in the right direction.

The Tigers organization is at a crucial spot in the rebuild that has to start moving in the right direction. Making a move to bring in Rodriguez is an example of this. He may not be the greatest and most exciting arm out there, but it allows the organization to get better and shows the Tigers are willing to spend.

The Tigers had been rumored to Rodriguez for some time now. Bringing in Rodriguez over someone like Jon Gray is the right move; now it is just time to hope that this deal stays worth it over the next five seasons.

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Keep in mind; this deal will include a no-trade clause and incentives that allow Rodriguez to earn more money on top of his yearly value.