The Detroit Lions snapped losing streak against the Steelers with a tie

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The Detroit Lions snapped their losing streak but failed to earn the first win in last Sunday’s matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ties stink. Teams play to determine a winner and lose, which is why we have overtime. However, sometimes overtime is not enough to decide a winner and loser. We all wish for more time.

On the bright side, the Detroit Lions snapped their losing streak against the Steelers in a tasteless 16-16 tie. Both teams committed many mistakes and turnovers, leading to fans questioning if either team wanted to win. Dan Campbell did, but his squad failed to show it.

Their struggles continue to loom over them as they head into Week 11, faced with the same challenge, win. But, even in the tie, there is a lot for the team to grow upon and learn.

Should the Detroit Lions consider this a moral victory?

The Lions started the Campbell era winless. Then, fans began to worry about another winless season. Their tie against the Steelers showed that the team refuses to go down without a fight.

The weather conditions gave them more of a challenge than in previous games. It caused Jared Goff to toss ducks instead of dimes. The defense dropped a lot of potential game-changing interceptions. As a result, Detroit felt the game slip through their fingertips.

On the bright side, the dropped interceptions failed to hurt their chances at a win. Instead, the defense rattled Mason Rudolph in the pocket. They sacked, stripped, and stopped the Steelers from taking over the game. Their play kept the team within reach of snatching the victory.

What happened in overtime last Sunday?

A lot.

Overtime felt like watching someone at an arcade trying to conquer the claw machine. Every time a win seemed to be in both teams’ grasps, the tiniest slip-up forced it out of their control.

In an attempt to end the madness, Lions kicker, Ryan Santoso, had the chance to cement himself as a franchise legend with the game on his foot. Instead, he shanked it right, forcing the game to continue. The Steelers fumbled the ball on a potential game-winning drive. Unfortunately, the Lions failed to turn it into points.

With time running out, the Lions made one last effort to steal the win but forgot how much time was on the clock when Swift ran out of bounds after receiving a lateral from Trinity Benson.

That was it. A deflating tie sends Campbell’s crew into Week 11, questioning what else they have to do to secure the first win of the rebuild.

What does the tie do for Week 11 preparation for the Detroit Lions?

The Lions need to bury the result with their game film. So this week, they travel to Cleveland on Sunday, hoping to mimic the Patriots’ play. But, unfortunately, Campbell is no Bill Belichick.

Josh Reynolds will make his debut in the Honolulu Blue this week. Reynolds steps into a WR1 role, something that no receiver has done so far. His physical presence gives Goff a bigger target to utilize. The Lions lack a consistent deep threat, forcing Kalif Raymond to play double duty.

Reynolds takes the pressure off of the rest of the pass-catchers. Defenders need to add him into their gameplan, allowing Raymond and St. Brown to shine with less coverage.

Dan Campbell deserves a win. He steps on the field every Sunday believing his team will win, even with the lack of talent surrounding him. But, unfortunately, the tie doesn’t solve their problems. Instead, it adds fuel to the fire burning inside the locker room.

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