Dan Campbell’s predictable play-calling still an issue for the Detroit Lions

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Dan Campbell’s play-calling remains a serious issue as the Detroit Lions fall 16-14 to the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving.

You are probably reading this and saying everything about the Detroit Lions remains a serious issue, and you’d make a good point.  Their quarterback play has been atrocious, and Jared Goff proved that he’s the best option on the current roster at the position; that’s not saying much at all.

Now, Detroit fans need to be concerned about the health of star running back D’Andre Swift.  Swift was tackled during Thursday’s game near the sideline chalk and stayed down for quite some time.  After getting to his feet, Swift jogged over to Detroit’s bench, sat down but was unquestionably reeling in pain, and would not return.

The Detroit Lions’ play-calling continues to be atrocious.

I am very curious if Anthony Lynn helped orchestrate the Detroit Lions opening drive of the game that ended with a 39-yard deep strike to Josh Reynolds for a touchdown.  Many teams script out the first drive of the game.

After that, the Detroit Lions offense looked similar to the past two weeks with Campbell calling the plays.  With Campbell calling the offense, things become incredibly run-heavy; they lack balance and are far too predictable.

Usually, the Lions get behind schedule on offense and find themselves in third and long situations.  Instead of attempting to throw the football, they simply concede and settle for a punt by running a draw play on third down.

Thursday, Detroit’s offensive line didn’t help matters much, often getting flagged for holding, and despite having the football at midfield, they found themselves in a 3rd and 32 yards to go and ran, you guessed it, a draw.

The ball was on the 50-yard line.  Why not try and get half of it back and hope for a long field goal attempt?  The correct play-call would be to throw the football and hope the receiver makes a man miss and sets up a field goal try.

Finally, midway through the third quarter, Campbell’s dink and dunk play-calling put the Lions in striking distance.  Goff found his often under-used talented tight end T.J. Hockenson for a score to put the Lions up 14-13.

The Bears were able to march down the football field late in the fourth quarter, and after seeing the Lions go, well, Lions once again taking back-to-back timeouts before a third-down play in the red zone which is a penalty.  After being unable to stop the clock allowing Chicago to run it out and kick the game-winning field goal as time expired.

Campbell’s play-calling isn’t just awful, so is his clock management and that is something to be very concerned about moving forward.

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Detroit slides to 0-10-1 on the season and will play the Minnesota Vikings next.