News: Detroit Tigers to sign Javier Báez to a 6-year, $140 million contract

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The Detroit Tigers got their guy, and it’s not Carlos Correa.

As the shortstop market started moving quickly and the Texas Rangers got greedy and scooped up two of the best options, the Detroit Tigers had to act fast. Late on Monday night, it seemed that the Tigers were closing in on a deal with shortstop Javier Báez.

By the time morning came, Báez had reportedly agreed to a six-year, $140 million contract with the team. He will join the future of this team as they look to come out of the rebuild after taking home just over $23 million a season on his deal.

While he may not be Correa, and the Tigers fanbase is going to be upset, Báez is a better value than what the team would have paid for Correa. Báez has flaws, and the value of his deal is still a little worrisome in the long-term, but it’s better than $35 million a year or so, which is what I estimate Correa will take home.

The Detroit Tigers got their guy, signing Javier Báez to a six-year deal.

Báez is going to impact this team positively; there’s no doubt there. However, some flaws still need to be realized with giving him $23 million over six years. While I understand that three or four solid seasons will make the last two years of incredibly high strikeout rates worth it, it’s still not the best.

Báez combined for 502 at-bats last year between his time in Chicago and New York; he finished with 31 home runs and 87 RBI while slashing .265/.319/.494 this past summer. He’s going to bring value, but the 184 strikeouts on the season led the league.

For someone with a Gold Glove, I sure would hope his fielding percentage can creep up higher than .968 consistently in the coming seasons. But time will tell.

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Welcome to Detroit, Javier!