Detroit Tigers: Former outfielder Curtis Granderson could be Mets manager

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The Detroit Tigers have not had outfielder Curtis Granderson suit up for the organization since the 2009 season. He would be traded to the New York Yankees and wind up with a 16-year big league career with six other teams.

Granderson has not played since 2019 when he was with the Miami Marlins. The former Detroit Tigers outfielder has called it quits and retired, where he has immediately made himself busy in other areas.

Staying around baseball, Granderson joined The Players Alliance, where he would take over as the President of the organization. This organization has gotten into a much more important role as Major League Baseball pushes to work with them to promote diversity and inclusion in the league.

Granderson, who was always known for his pursuits off the field and being a great player in any organization, is no shock to be considered for a managerial job. However, the New York Mets are looking to bring Granderson back to the organization in a new capacity.

Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Curtis Granderson is in the running for manager gig.

The Mets have made it clear that Granderson is in the running to take over things as the team’s manager. While he is not the first choice or the favorite, he is on the team’s list of candidates they are hoping to bring in for the job.

Granderson has no managerial experience in the big leagues, but after a 16-year career being extremely likable with excellent knowledge and understanding of the game, it’s intriguing. Most of the Tigers fans who came to love Granderson and followed his career would likely agree that he is an interesting consideration for any managerial position.

While it may just end up being talk, it’s fantastic for Granderson, who may be looking to jumpstart a career back in the pro-ball ranks. The former Tigers outfielder touched a lot of fans here in the Motor City, and this opportunity to be part of the job search with the Mets is likely not going to be his last.

If I had to guess, Granderson might be a familiar face in the managerial search for some teams in the near future. Tigers fans who are looking to check up on the former outfielder, the Grandy Man, is doing just fine and might just be back in the big league headlines again.

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The Tigers are not in the market for a manager; they’ve got A.J. Hinch, who is going to be the leader this team needs. But best of luck to Granderson as he continues on as President of The Players Alliance and considers managerial jobs that may present themselves.